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««« Water treatment

Packaged iron removal units

Packeged (container-type) deironing plants “Kristall NК” based on pressure-type filtersare ideally suitable for drinking water production from underground water for small residential settlements.

Owing to simple aeration method, “Kristall NK” plants do not need permanent manpower attendance.

Process design of the plants and their options make possible their use in any centralized water supply systems.

Moreover, “Kristall NK” can be used as a local plant for deironing of water from a well or a group of wells with the yield of up to 47.0 m3/h.

All the equipment of the water deironing plants is placed in a transportable universal container complying with GOST 48477-79.

The container size: ВхНхL = 2438 х 2590 х (6000-12000) mm. The container length L depends on the plant flow and completion arrangement. The containers can be delivered by automobile or by train.






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